Conference Abstract Book

The conference book of abstracts will be published as a book with an assigned ISBN. This book will contain abstracts of all the presented articles, poster presentations, oral communication, etc.

Conference organizers are invited to publish their abstract as a book with the following features:

All abstracts are included in the abstract book with ISBN.

Unrestricted and free access to use.

Conference organizers retain full editorial control.

Abstracts are not considered preprints, allowing authors to freely publish full papers in any academic journal.

Conference Book

Conference organizers can publish conference articles as a conference book with ISBN & DOI. This book will contain full-length conference articles, and the book is published in open access (OA) book format, so it is free for all to read, resulting in high visibility and increased citations. Publishing the outcomes of your conference in a book ensures a long-term point of reference for researchers, students, and professionals.

Abstract Book vs Book
Abstract Book Book
Includes Abstracts Includes Full-length articles
Reviewed by the conference organizer, only structured formatting is required. Peer review is conducted by a review committee established by the organizer.
Identifier is ISBN at the book level. Identifiers are ISBN & DOI for each article.
Considered as an abstract only. Considered as a conference article.
Open access (OA) book format Open access (OA) book format
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